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Process & close loans 5x faster.

Vaultedge document indexing & data extraction software helps save up to 60% time in Loan Processing / Setup and Post Close Audit.

No more stare & compare while classifying loan documents.

Loan Processors spend several hours to manually index mortgage packages & identify missing documents.

With Vaultedge they can now automatically split a loan package into individual documents, index the documents by type & flag missing pages in just seconds.

Extract & verify data in minutes

Across documents, Vaultedge extracts more than 2000 data points in minutes.

Each extracted data point is assigned a confidence score and a label (color code) to indicate whether it needs user review or not. Users can review the data simply by clicking on the extracted value & verifying the data source.

Seamless integration with your LOS

Move documents and data seamlessly into Loan Origination Software like Ellie Mae Encompass, Calyx, FICS, Black Knight Empower etc through real-time integration.

Eliminate human error in document version controlling.

Post Close Audit made effortless

Vaultedge comes pre-configured with check-lists for different audits like, TILA-RESPA, HMDA and standard Post-Close Audit - ensuring that your process is compliant and your loans are ready to be sold.

It helps you ensure that all needed documents are available & signed by counter parties in the post-close package. Automatically check for compliance to TILA-RESPA, HMDA requirements

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