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Make the switch to effortless loan boarding

Automate your loan boarding process with remarkable accuracy at unprecedented speed with Vaultedge’s proprietary AI that assembles error-free to help make reliable business decisions.

Achieve 99.9% accuracy in loan boarding

A mortgage lender or a servicer faces the same challenge when it comes to the loan boarding process-accuracy. Vaultedge accurately ingests the documents and data in a timely manner and identifies, indexes, and extracts borrower information with 99.9% accuracy

Loan servicing teams can board bulk loans by completely automating manual file review and setup.

Boost savings by 60%

With its human-in-the-loop paradigm, Vaultedge Software is ideal for mortgage loan boarding because it automates 90% of the manual work, and increases savings by 60%.

Reduce errors by 90%

With reduced human intervention, and quality checks at every level, the loan boarding is done automatically using proprietary AI and algorithms. This reduces the risk of human errors by 90% and saves the business time and money.

Increase operational efficiency

Employing Vaultedge, a modern infrastructure, and paperless loan boarding software increases operational efficiency by 75% without losing precious time in sifting through 1000 pages of a borrower’s documents for data.

Seamless integration

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation & Income Analyzer easily integrates with LOS like Encompass, BlackKnight, and your in-house LOS through open APIs. Our loan boarding technology can be used independently as well without any LOS integration.

How does it work?

Step 1

Loan Origination

The Loan Officer can view the loan application from the Encompass-Vaultedge integrated platform and select the default template.

Once the borrower’s basic details are uploaded in the Vaultedge platform he/she selects the borrower’s document from the system generated VMA OCR folder for the indexing to begin.

Step 2

Document indexing

Vaultedge indexes a loan package by document types: 1003, Bank Statement, Pay Stub, Tax Return etc. that have been downloaded from Encompass. Once the files are processed, a Quality Check will be performed.

Step 3

Data extraction

The loan file automatically goes for data extraction. Vaultedge pushes the document after QC to Encompass for extraction. A second level QC is done for accuracy.

Step 4

Data audit

Vaultedge compares the extracted data across different documents to identify discrepancies. In case of any anomaly, the user can quickly amend it before the next step. 

Michael Kittyle
" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
Michael Kittyle
CIO, BSI Financial Services
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