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Elevate Policy Management with LLM-Powered Document AI

Seamlessly process unstructured data. Extract, index, and engage with intricate policy documents for real-time insights and risk assessment using Generative AI & LLM.

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The Policy Management Challenge

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  • Complex Documentation: Insurers are inundated with vast volumes of policy documents, each demanding detailed scrutiny and interpretation for comprehensive risk assessment.
  • Efficiency & Precision: The imperative for rapid, precise understanding of policy amendments and liabilities is paramount to make informed decisions and enhance portfolio quality.

Geared Up for All Your Policy Documents

Vaultedge is adeptly designed to process and analyze a multitude of documents pivotal to policy management.

The platform guarantees meticulous data extraction and interpretation from every document, ensuring precision and trustworthiness at every juncture of the policy management process.

Policy Documents
Identity Documents
Quarterly Declaration
Annual Reports

LLM-Driven Transformation in Policy Management

Vaultedge introduces a transformative approach to policy management, amalgamating AI and human expertise for intelligent document processing and automation. Experience the synergy of Generative AI & LLM, offering unmatched understanding and interpretation of diverse policy documents.

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Vaultedge Data Verification

How it Works

With Vaultedge, revolutionize policy management to be more streamlined and precise, harnessing the power of AI & Human in the loop for unparalleled outcomes.

AI that understands complex documents - like a human.

Vaultedge uses machine learning, generative AI & LLM models to understand non-standard documents, extract data and generate decisioning insights - like a human expert at work.

Vaultedge Data Verification

Private LLM for your documents - minus the data risks.

With Vaultedge Generative AI solution - ask questions off your documents, get instant human like answers with detailed explanations.It’s like GPT for your documents - minus hallucination or data risks of Public ChatGPT.

Vaultedge Data Verification

Single solution for end-to-end Document Processing Automation.

With Vaultedge ingest documents from multiple sources, classify them accurately, spot errors, extract & validate data using LLM models - all at one place.

Arrive at underwrite & claim decisioning without back & forth hassle.

Vaultedge Data Verification

Customizable. Scalable. Zero hassle integration.

Vaultedge is a workflow based solution that integrates with your record management systems to automatically key in data - once flagged exceptions are resolved.

Vaultedge can be deployed quickly and scaled easily to handle millions of documents per day - as it learns progressively with usage.

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Vaultedge Data Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Vaultedge's LLM model differ from traditional NLP models in processing policy documents?

Vaultedge's LLM (Large Language Model) is designed to understand context, semantics, and nuances in policy documents, unlike traditional NLP models that rely heavily on keyword-based extraction. LLMs are trained on vast datasets, enabling them to generalize and adapt to varied document structures, ensuring higher accuracy in data extraction and interpretation.

How does Vaultedge handle data privacy, especially with sensitive policy information?

Vaultedge employs end-to-end encryption for data in transit and at rest. Data processing is carried out in isolated environments, ensuring that no residual data is left post-processing. Additionally, Vaultedge is AICPA SOC certified, adhering to stringent

Can Vaultedge's solution be deployed on-premises, or is it exclusively cloud-based?

While Vaultedge is natively cloud-based, we understand the unique requirements of insurance enterprises. We offer both cloud and on-premises deployment options, allowing businesses to choose based on their data residency and compliance needs.

How does Vaultedge handle versioning and amendments in policy documents?

Vaultedge's AI models are trained to recognize and track changes in policy documents over time. The platform can identify amendments, correlate them with original policies, and maintain version histories, ensuring that insurers always have an up-to-date view of their policy liabilities.

What integration capabilities does Vaultedge offer for existing IT ecosystems within insurance companies?

Vaultedge provides RESTful APIs, enabling seamless integration with existing CRMs, record management systems, and other enterprise applications. Our platform also supports webhook integrations for real-time data synchronization and event-driven processing.

How does Vaultedge ensure the continuous improvement of its AI models, especially with evolving policy structures and terminologies?

Vaultedge employs a continuous learning approach. As the platform processes more documents, it gathers feedback, both from automated validations and human reviewers. This feedback loop is used to fine-tune and retrain the AI models, ensuring they adapt to evolving document structures and industry terminologies.

Michael Kittyle
" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
Michael Kittyle
CIO, BSI Financial Services
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