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Elevate Your Mortgage Lending with Document AI

Cut costs and time in loan production, boarding, and due diligence through AI-driven automation.

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Core Capabilities for Unmatched Efficiency

Time and Cost Efficiency

AI-driven with an additional layer of human review for unparalleled accuracy.

Efficient Document Handling

Automate the classification of over 500 document types, from loan estimates to W-2s, with AI-driven dynamic checklists.

Robust Data Extraction

Extract and cross-verify over 2,000 data points from loan packages, eliminating manual errors and ensuring data integrity.

Seamless Software Integration

Integrate effortlessly with industry-standard software like Ellie Mae and Black Knight, maintaining workflow continuity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Vaultedge Document AI Automate in the Mortgage Process?

VMA automates document classification, data extraction, and software integration. It can sort over 500 types of documents and extract more than 2,000 data points, streamlining the mortgage process from start to finish.

How Does Vaultedge Document AI Enhance Operational Efficiency?

VMA can reduce your document processing costs by up to 80% and cut the loan turnaround time by 50%. It also minimizes manual data entry, thereby reducing the risk of human error.

What Types of Documents Can Vaultedge Document AI Handle?

VMA is versatile, capable of identifying and processing a wide range of documents including 1003 forms, loan estimates, W-2s, pay stubs, and more.

Is Vaultedge Document AI Compliant with Industry Standards?

Yes, VMA is compliant with industry standards and can integrate seamlessly with Ellie Mae, Black Knight, and any in-house LOS through open APIs.

How Does Vaultedge Document AI Ensure Data Accuracy?

VMA employs advanced AI algorithms for precise data extraction and incorporates a cross-verification feature to ensure data integrity.

Can Vaultedge Document AI Integrate with Existing LOS Software?

Absolutely. VMA offers open APIs for easy integration with leading LOS software like Ellie Mae and Black Knight, as well as custom in-house solutions.

What's the Setup Time for Vaultedge Document AI?

VMA can be configured and operational in less than a week, allowing you to realize its benefits almost immediately.

How Does Vaultedge Document AI Impact ROI?

With VMA, lenders have achieved a 50% reduction in turnaround time and up to an 80% reduction in document processing costs, significantly boosting ROI.

Is There a Human-in-the-Loop for Review?

Yes, VMA incorporates a Human-in-the-Loop review process to ensure an additional layer of accuracy and compliance.

How Secure is Vaultedge Document AI?

VMA employs robust data security measures to protect sensitive information, adhering to industry compliance standards.

Michael Kittyle
" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
Michael Kittyle
CIO, BSI Financial Services
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