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Revolutionizing Income Analysis for Mortgage Lending

Our AI-driven platform streamlines income verification from multiple sources, automating indexing, reviewing, and income analysis. Empower loan officers to make data-backed decisions, faster and more accurately.

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Unmatched Capabilities for Unparalleled Efficiency

Accurate Data Extraction

Algorithmic precision ensures field-level detail for accurate income qualification.

Speed and Efficiency

Process documents 5x faster with Document AI. Spot missing document and data at a glance. Quicker underwriting and more accurate loan estimates are now a reality.

Scalability and Integration

Customizable and scalable, seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Human-in-the-Loop Review

AI-driven with an additional layer of human review for unparalleled accuracy.

Security and Compliance

Robust data security and compliance with industry standards like Fannie Mae Form 1084.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Does VIA Do?

VIA automates the three critical steps in mortgage loan approval: Document Indexing, Data Reviewing, and Income Analysis. It's designed to make loan officers' lives easier by automating tasks that are traditionally manual and time-consuming.

How Does VIA Improve Efficiency?

VIA can make your workflow up to 80% more efficient. It saves 2-4 hours of an underwriter's time per loan and increases the application pull-through rate by 33%.

What Types of Documents Can VIA Handle?

VIA is versatile. It can sort and analyze all income related documents like pay stubs, personal and business tax returns, bank statements, 1099s, W2s, and more.

Is VIA Compliant with Industry Standards?

Absolutely. VIA is compliant with Fannie Mae Form 1084 and Freddie Mac Form 91, ensuring it meets stringent regulatory requirements.

How Does VIA Ensure Accuracy?

VIA employs advanced, LLM-powered algorithms for precise data extraction and income analysis. It also incorporates a Human-in-the-Loop review process for an additional layer of accuracy.

Can VIA Integrate with My Existing Systems?

Yes, VIA is designed for seamless integration into existing record management systems. It's a plug-and-play solution that won't disrupt your current workflows.

What Makes VIA Different from Other Solutions?

VIA is not just another tool; it's a comprehensive solution. It doesn't just automate tasks; it enhances their accuracy, ensuring you make more informed, data-backed decisions.

Michael Kittyle
" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
Michael Kittyle
CIO, BSI Financial Services
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