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Vaultedge and Sutherland partners to transform the Mortgage Industry

Rahul Bishnoi
Marketing Manager

Vaultedge is proud to announce our partnership with Sutherland, we are on a mission to use AI & Automation to improve the operations of banks and mortgage companies. We could not have asked for a better partner than Sutherland to join us in this journey.

The partnership announcement between Sutherland and Vaultedge is going to change the end to end mortgage lifecycle by integrating Vaultedge’s AI-powered automation with Sutherland’s deep process expertise. This partnership is aimed to improve the efficiency, accuracy and scalability of lenders, banks, and credit unions of the mortgage industry.

Let’s look at how this partnership will benefit the mortgage industry 

Significance of Vaultedge & Sutherland Partnership on Mortgage industry

The mortgage industry is often burdened by complex workflows, reliance on manual document processing, and susceptibility to errors. These challenges lead to operational delays, increased costs, and potential compliance risks.

The partnership between Vaultedge, a leading provider of mortgage technology solutions, and Sutherland, a global provider of business process transformation services, is a bridge connecting advanced technology with deep industry expertise.

So, The Vaultedge-Sutherland partnership directly addresses these pain points. Sutherland's process optimization expertise streamlines mortgage workflows from origination to servicing.  Vaultedge's AI-powered platform automates Document Indexing, Data extraction and income analysis ensuring precision and speed while minimising manual intervention. This partnership will allow lending institutions to significantly reduce the cost of processing and servicing mortgages while accelerating the shift towards straight-through processing (STP) across the loan lifecycle. 

I’m confident that our collaboration will be a game-changer, propelling our clients towards greater success and unlocking new possibilities in the mortgage space”, says Michael Danlang, Global Head of Mortgage Sutherland

Benefits of the Partnership

Let’s see how this partnership could benefit the mortgage industry. 

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Combining Sutherland’s process optimization with Vaultedge’s AI technology means mortgage applications can be processed faster, reducing turnaround times and improving customer satisfaction.
  2. Increased Accuracy: AI-driven data extraction minimizes human error, ensuring high accuracy in document processing. This accuracy is important in compliance and risk management.
  3. Cost Reduction: Automating document processing reduces the need for manual processes, cutting down operational costs and allowing businesses to allocate resources more effectively.
  4. Improved Customer Experience: Faster processing, accuracy, and reduced costs all contribute to a smoother, more satisfying experience for the end-users, the homeowners.


The Vaultedge and Sutherland partnership represents a strategic shift in the mortgage industry. By combining the power of AI-driven automation with Sutherland's deep process expertise and customer-centric approach, lenders are now equipped to offer the efficient and seamless mortgage experience that today's borrowers expect.

About Sutherland

Sutherland is an experience-led digital transformation company, a global force in business process transformation. With decades of experience optimising operations across various industries and their presence in over 60 countries, their expertise across industries, offering solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and drive growth. In the mortgage sector, Sutherland is known for its holistic approach, optimising every step from origination to servicing. Their approach goes beyond internal process improvement; they prioritize the end-customer experience.

Rahul Bishnoi
Marketing Manager