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Winning in the current market by 'looking at the deal & not the decade': Brad Rice, CEO, Amerifund Home Loans

Brad Rice
October 3, 2023
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In this episode we are in conversation with Brad Rice, Founder & CEO at Amerifund Home Loans. Brad has close to three decades of experience across retail & wholesale lending.

Brad shares key insights on how lenders could tide over the current market situation by 'looking at the deal & not the decade'.

He elaborates that - current high interest rate macro-environment is a part of overall business cycle. Hence, there would always be potential home owners looking to purchase a home. However, we need innovative new products that could help such borrowers qualify despite 7+ % interest rate on home loans. Thus lenders can win by focusing on improving loan product accessibility for such borrowers.

Additionally, we also need to empower our LOs, so that they can impart financial literacy to borrowers - helping them choose the right loan product.
In the episode, Brad also shares his first hand experience of choosing a tech stack that drives efficiency both on the front office & back office side of business.

Listen to the full episode here.

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