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How will interest rates shape mortgage originations in 2021 : In conversation with Steven Plaisance, Mortgage Banking President at Gateway First Bank

Steven Plaisance, President, Gateway First Bank
October 3, 2023
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We are experiencing a historic low in mortgage interest rates, with rates going below 3% - how will this trend shape up in 2021 & 2022 ?
What will be its impact on purchase & refinance originations ?

In this episode, Steven Plaisance, answers just that.

Steven Plaisance is currently the President of Mortgage Banking at Gateway First Bank. Prior to Gateway First Bank, Steven served as the CEO of Mortgage Division at Arvest Bank.

In today's conversation, Steven candidly shares his perspectives on how mortgage interest rates will shape up during latter part of this year and how it will impact loan originations.

To know more, listen to this episode till the end.

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