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How a focus on culture, customer experience & process can drive 10x growth: In conversation with Rich Weidel, CEO at Princeton Mortgage

Rich Weidel, CEO of Princeton Mortgage
October 3, 2023
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In 2018 Princeton Mortgage set out a target of 50,000 loans by 2028 - fast forward to 2020, it had already achieved this and is set to clock $ 1 billion in loan volumes.

It is one of the fastest growing mortgage companies with a customer satisfaction score of 98 !

In this episode, we are in conversation with CEO - Rich Weidel to understand how he built a high performance culture at Princeton Mortgage that delivers the best customer service experience a.k.a "The Effortless Mortgage Experience", day in and day out.

Rich also shares various aspects of leadership that helped him keep his team motivated and accountable to their core mission of providing an "Effortless Mortgage Experience" for the end customer.

This is one episode that you should not miss.

This episode is hosted by Vaultedge.
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