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Accelerate small business lending from application to decision-making

Process small business loans 5X faster with Vaultedge document AI. Decrease processing time. Scale underwriting capacity. Provide swift & accurate lending decisions.
Vaultedge complete loan solution

Empower your team to focus on growth by automating document processing

With Vaultedge, SMB lenders can effortlessly digitize, classify, extract, and validate essential data from small business loan applications, facilitating precise decision-making without manual effort.

Extract Data from any unstructured or structured documents

Automate your manual document processing and cut down costs up to 70% with more than 200% increase in productivity levels.

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Bank Statement
Pay Stubs
Tax returns
Investment Portfolio Statement

Pretrained AI that understands small business loans, just like a human

Vaultedge doc AI leverages pre-trained machine learning to comprehend various application document types and data such as financial statements, business plans, credit reports, and tax returns.

A unified solution to automate end-to-end small business lending workflow

With Vaultedge doc AI, ingest documents from multiple sources, digitize & classify them automatically, extract data using trained models, and validate against key benchmarks.

Arrive at underwriting & lending decisions using this centralized, workflow-based solution.

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TRID Compliance Vaultedge

Adaptable. Scalable. Effortless integration.

Vaultedge doc AI can be swiftly deployed and easily scales to handle any volume of loan applications without compromising data security.

As a workflow-based cloud solution, it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Get started in days, not weeks.

Michael Kittyle
" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
Michael Kittyle
CIO, BSI Financial Services
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What is Vaultedge Mortgage Automation?

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation or VMA is an AI-based human-in-the-loop software that uses the latest OCR technology to identify, index, and extract data from loan documents helping to board and close loans 5x faster than other automation products.

What can lenders do with Vaultedge?

Lenders can use Vaultedge to process loan files quickly and accurately across a variety of LOS such as ICE Encompass, BlackKnight Empower, Calyx, FICS, and many more. Vaultedge can automate loan processing/setup, income calculation and verification, pre-underwriting, post-close audit, and TRID compliance. Companies that implemented Vaultedge have been able to reduce mortgage document processing cost by 60% to 80%, reduce mortgage closing time by up to 2 weeks, and increase pull-through rate for applications by 33%

What can mortgage servicers do with Vaultedge?

Loan servicers (banks, non-banks, and sub servicers) can use Vaultedge to board loans quickly and accurately from LOS into their servicing systems. Vaultedge can automate Loan/MSR Boarding, Loan Verification, and Escrow Setup while freeing up employees time to do active QC review for 100% of loans and ensure compliance with CFPB requirements. Companies that implemented Vaultedge have been able to reduce mortgage document processing cost by 80% and free up 70% of loan boarding staff from loan boarding to active QC.

What makes Vaultedge unique?

Vaultedge is the only alternative to Fiserv LoanComplete that automates all key steps in the life of a loan in a single package, including loan processing/setup, income calculation, pre-underwriting, post-close audit, TRID compliance, Loan/MSR Boarding, Loan Verification, and Escrow Setup. Vaultedge is also a turnkey solution that automates 90% of document processing work as straight-through processing, and for the remaining 10%, companies can benefit from Vaultedge's manual review services. Additionally, Vaultedge automatically classifies 99+% of the documents in the mortgage loan file and accurately pulls over 95% of the data elements from those documents into your servicing and LOS platform.

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