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Accelerate Claims Processing with LLM Powered Document AI

Transform the way you handle life insurance claims. Automate document processing, enhance accuracy, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with Vaultedge Document AI.

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Revolutionizing Life Insurance
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Vaultedge is an advanced LLM-based Document AI platform, designed to optimize the claims processing journey for life insurance companies. Achieve up to 5x faster document processing and make precise claims decisions, all powered by AI & Human in the loop technology.

Vaultedge OCR Technology

The Challenge in Claims Processing

  • Complex Documentation:Life insurance claims necessitate a plethora of documents like the original policy, a death certificate, first responder reports, and medical records, which are predominantly unstructured and demand meticulous review and data extraction.
  • Time-Intensive Process:The aspiration to expedite claims and enhance customer experiences is often thwarted by cumbersome, document-intensive claims procedures.
  • Fraud Risks:The looming threat of fraud accentuates the need for meticulous document review and verification.
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Proficient in All Your Claims Documents

Vaultedge is adept at processing a variety of documents crucial for life insurance claims, promising precise data extraction and interpretation.

Death Certificate
Beneficiary’s ID
Deceased’s Driver’s License
Marriage Certificate
Deceased’s Social
Security License
Vaultedge OCR Technology

LLM-Powered Revolution in Underwriting

  • Automated Document Processing: Vaultedge automates the bulk of document processing, minimizing processing time and elevating customer experiences, allowing focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy: Employing superior data extraction models, Vaultedge ensures the highest level of accuracy possible in interpreting varied and complex documents.
  • Swift and Secure Deployment: Experience the ease of local deployment with Vaultedge, implemented in days, not months, without compromising on data security or scalability.
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How it Works

With Vaultedge, transform claims processing to be more efficient and accurate, leveraging AI & Human in the loop for optimal results.

AI that understands complex documents - like a human.

Vaultedge uses machine learning, generative AI & LLM models to understand non-standard documents, extract data and generate decisioning insights - like a human expert at work.

Vaultedge Data Verification

Private LLM for your documents - minus the data risks.

With Vaultedge Generative AI solution - ask questions off your documents, get instant human like answers with detailed explanations.It’s like GPT for your documents - minus hallucination or data risks of Public ChatGPT.

Vaultedge Data Verification

Single solution for end-to-end Document Processing Automation.

With Vaultedge ingest documents from multiple sources, classify them accurately, spot errors, extract & validate data using LLM models - all at one place.

Arrive at underwrite & claim decisioning without back & forth hassle.

Vaultedge Data Verification

Customizable. Scalable. Zero hassle integration.

Vaultedge is a workflow based solution that integrates with your record management systems to automatically key in data - once flagged exceptions are resolved.

Vaultedge can be deployed quickly and scaled easily to handle millions of documents per day - as it learns progressively with usage.

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Vaultedge Data Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vaultedge ensure the accuracy of data extraction in claims documents?

Vaultedge employs advanced Large Language Models (LLM) and machine learning algorithms designed to understand and interpret unstructured data with high precision. The platform undergoes continuous learning and refinement, adapting to new document structures and formats, ensuring the extracted data is reliable and accurate.

Can Vaultedge integrate with our existing claims management system?

Absolutely! Vaultedge is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of claims management systems. Our API-driven approach facilitates smooth interoperability, allowing you to leverage Vaultedge’s capabilities without disrupting your existing workflows.

How does Vaultedge contribute to reducing fraud risks in life insurance claims?

Vaultedge employs sophisticated anomaly detection and pattern recognition techniques to identify discrepancies and potential fraudulent activities. By automating document verification and cross-referencing information, Vaultedge significantly mitigates the risks of fraudulent claims, ensuring only legitimate claims are processed.

Is the deployment of Vaultedge a lengthy process?

Not at all! Vaultedge is built for swift and hassle-free deployments. Our platform is structured to integrate and be operational within days, not weeks or months, allowing you to start benefiting from automated document processing promptly.

How does Vaultedge handle data security during document processing?

Data security is paramount at Vaultedge. We are certified by AICPA SOC, ensuring adherence to stringent data protection protocols and robust encryption methods to safeguard your sensitive information. Vaultedge ensures that your data is processed securely, with strict compliance to data privacy regulations.

Can Vaultedge process documents in different formats and from varied sources?

Yes, Vaultedge is versatile in processing documents from multiple sources and in diverse formats. Whether it’s PDFs, images, or scanned documents, Vaultedge can extract and interpret data efficiently, accommodating the varied nature of claims documents.

How scalable is the Vaultedge platform for handling numerous claims documents?

Vaultedge is designed to scale effortlessly to accommodate your growing needs. Whether you’re dealing with hundreds or millions of documents, Vaultedge maintains its performance and accuracy, ensuring your claims processing can keep up with the demand.

Michael Kittyle
" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
Michael Kittyle
CIO, BSI Financial Services
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