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Mortgage portfolio trading made frictionless.

Vaultedge Automation makes loan package due diligence effortless & accurate. Trade mortgage portfolios without buy back risks.

Verify the completeness of loan packages

With Vaultedge automation you can identify if loan packages are complete or not, at the click of a button.

It identifies & highlights missing documents, splits documents & classifies them into correct e-folders. This ensures that your loan documentation package is up to date & tallies with details in LOS.

Automatically verifies data and identify discrepancies

Vaultedge's machine learning models identifies 2000+ data fields across 500+ document types.

Vaultedge compares the extracted data across different documents to identify discrepancies. Users can readily see if there is any discrepancy in Borrower names, Lender name, Property address, Purchase Price etc.

Eliminate buy back risk with automated data validation

With Vaultedge automation you can avoid loan defect risks - Vaultedge automatically & accurately captures & indexes various document types & formats.

It extracts data from these documents & validates with the data on tape (LOS data). It also allows proper version control & automated exception handling.

Make your due diligence process 2x faster.

When you are trading mortgage portfolios you have a limited time to do the due diligence on the loans.

Vaultedge helps you reduce due diligence time by 50% using automated document verification technology.

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Looking to make your loan package due diligence process accurate & effortless?

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