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Board servicing portfolio effortlessly at scale.

Vaultedge automatically indexes documents, extracts data and compares it with source data - so that you board loans efficiently at scale.

Board loans faster through automated indexing.

When you purchase servicing rights from a lender, the mortgage packages come with many issues: inconsistent document names, inaccurate indexing and mismatch in data between images and tape.

Vaultedge helps you to board loans fast by automatically identifying documents, splitting them & highlighting missing documents.

Automate data validation & exception handling - reduce manual effort by 85%

Across documents, Vaultedge extracts more than 2000 data points in minutes.

Each extracted data point is assigned a confidence score and a label (color code) to indicate whether it needs user review or not. Users can review the data simply by clicking on the extracted value & verifying the data source.

Seamless integration with loan servicing systems

Import documents and data seamlessly into your servicing system through real-time integration.

Vaultedge automation ensures that your servicing portfolio is fully compliant with different regulatory standards.

Streamline servicing portfolio QC

Our AI powered document recognition & data extraction software ensures that servicing portfolio documents are completely compliant with industry regulations.

With up to 99% accuracy in data extraction, you can improve the efficiency of downstream QC by 80%.

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