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How to Leverage Document AI for Unparalleled Efficiency in Loan Production and Loan Servicing

How to Leverage Document AI for Unparalleled Efficiency in Loan Production and Loan Servicing

Loan production and servicing costs are at an all time high, with back end processes contributing 49% to the overall cost increase. According to a recent Fannie Mae report, automating these back end processes could result in significant savings for lenders and servicers.

Join industry experts for a discussion diving into the vital role of Document AI or intelligent document processing to unlock a magnitude of efficiencies in loan production and servicing. This discussion will explore how Document AI can automate loan production – transforming document collection, enhancing accuracy and speed in underwriting, and improving TRID compliance.

Panelists will explore the role of AI in transforming loan servicing through accelerated onboarding, proactive risk management, and compliance, while sharing real-life case studies. Participants will receive guidance on identifying areas for AI implementation, selecting a tailored solution, and adopting best practices for seamless integration.

Some topics & objectives we will cover:

  • Gain an understanding of Document AI technology and its applications in the mortgage industry, specifically in loan production and servicing processes
  • Learn how to leverage Document AI to streamline and enhance loan origination, from document collection and data extraction to AI-powered underwriting and compliance
  • Explore the potential of Document AI in transforming loan servicing, including automating loan onboarding, enabling proactive risk
  • Acquire knowledge on effectively integrating Document AI into existing technology stacks, including evaluating systems, selecting tailored solutions, and best practices for implementation
  • Develop an awareness of regulatory compliance in AI-driven mortgage processes and strategies to address these challenges while maintaining transparency and trust

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Murali Tirupati
Co-Founder & CEO, Vaultedge
Maynard Ahner
Digital Product Management Director, Wells Fargo
CTO, BSI Financial
CTO, BSI Financial
John Mongelluzzo
Senior Vice President, Record Services, Ocwen