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Vaultedge announces the availability of Vaultedge Mortgage Automation on Microsoft AppSource

Rahul Bishnoi
Marketing Manager

Dallas, Texas (July 06, 2022)- Vaultedge Software, announced the availability of Vaultedge Mortgage Automation on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation (VMA) is an AI-based Automated Document Recognition (ADR), Automated Data Extraction (ADE), and Income Analyzer platform that helps mortgage lenders, servicers & investors automate mortgage document processing with 99+% accuracy. VMA shortens loan closing time by 2 weeks and reduces manual processing costs by 80%.

Some of its primary benefits include:

  • Built on the Microsoft Azure platform to provide high scalability (10K+ loans processed/day)
  • Integrates with Loan Origination Software like Encompass and indexes documents, extracts data & calculates income. Vaultedge is an official ICE Mortgage Technology OCR partner.
  • Identifies key exceptions (data discrepancies, etc.) in minutes and cross-validate data directly with the source.
  • Automatically writes verified documents & data directly to your loan origination & servicing systems - saving you manual effort.
  • Data Extraction from standard/structured & non-standard/unstructured documents
  • Confidence rating for ease of exception handling
  • Training of new documents on demand
  • Can be implemented in as little time as 4 weeks with zero user training

“At Vaultedge, we are razor-focused on helping lenders and servicers reduce costs and improve response time through automation, at the same time making life easy for end-users (loan officers loan processors, underwriters)”, said Murali Tirupati, CEO & Co-Founder, Vaultedge Software.

To learn more, please request a demo.

About Vaultedge

Vaultedge is on a mission to automate underwriting and due diligence for mortgages, and beyond. Vaultedge’s AI-powered mortgage document processing software automates the splitting, indexing, data extraction, and validation of mortgage documents saving up to 80% of time & cost in Loan Processing, Post Close, and Loan Boarding. Vaultedge’s software is used by leading mortgage companies to automatically process thousands of loans every day.

PR Contact: Mohona Dutta (mohona@vaultedge.com)

Rahul Bishnoi
Marketing Manager