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Mortgage automation to close & board loans faster with 99+% accuracy

Vaultedge helps lenders, servicers & investors automate mortgage document processing - faster turnaround with 60+% cost savings compared to other AI OCR software.

Process & review mortgage documents 5x faster with 99+% accuracy.

Vaultedge AI OCR software automatically indexes loan documents, validates data, flags errors and writes data to your LOS & servicing systems. Save up to 80% of time & cost in Loan Processing, Post Close QC and servicing portfolio onboarding.

Reduce time to close by 14 days.

Loan processors can avoid hours of manual document sorting & identify missing pages in seconds.

Board loans 5x faster with 99% accuracy.

Loan servicing teams can board bulk loans by completely automating manual file review and set up

Eliminate regulatory compliance risk

Loan files are automatically validated against post-close audit checklists - TILA-RESPA, HMDA etc.

Better ROI for lenders, servicers and investors

Automation can lower post close costs by 30% and minimize loan defects to ensure zero hold back funds.

Current LOS Integration capabilities

No new systems to run or password to remember

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation & Income Analyzer easily integrates with LOS like Encompass, BlackKnight, and your in-house LOS through open APIs. Our loan automation technology can be used independently as well without any LOS integration.

Current LOS Integration capabilities

Watch Vaultedge Mortgage Automation in action

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation & Income Analyzer easily integrates with LOS like Encompass, BlackKnight, and your in-house LOS through open APIs. Our loan automation technology can be used independently as well without any LOS integration.

Split packages and identify missing documents

  • Vaultedge automatically splits & indexes a loan package by document types: 1003, Bank Statement, Pay Stub, Tax Return etc.

  • These documents are auto-compared to a checklist & missing documents are highlighted.

Sort pages with easy drag & drop

  • Easily identify & re-arrange misplaced documents at the click of a button.

  • Reduce manual effort in document classification by 80%.

Automatic data extraction using AI

  • Vaultedge AI automatically extracts more than 2000 data points from across different documents.

  • Verify data points 80% faster by reviewing only highlighted data points.

Intelligent data validation & exception handling

  • Vaultedge compares the extracted data across different documents to identify discrepancies.

  • Users can easily identify discrepancies in Borrower names, Property address & 100s of other fields at a mere glance.

Customer Success

Our Numbers Don’t Lie

Vaultedge products guarantee to make mortgage loan production & boarding quicker, cheaper, and definitely better.

Reduction in manual effort
Faster document processing
Improvement in cost to close
Accuracy which can go up further with usage

What clients say about us

" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
picture of Michael Kittyle CIO, BSI financial services

Michael Kittyle

CIO, BSI Financial Services

" Vaultedge automatically indexes our Mortgage documents and extracts 300 data fields from them, enabling us to save 80% of Post Close Audit process time. Vaultedge is helping us improve our Time to Close and Cost to Close metrics."
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SVP, Record Services

Top Mortgage Servicer

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What is Vaultedge Mortgage Automation?

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation or VMA is an AI-based human-in-the-loop software that uses the latest OCR technology to identify, index, and extract data from loan documents helping to board and close loans 5x faster than other automation products.

Do the underwriters have to manually index documents?

No, the underwriters have to just upload the documents in the VMA software, and the system will pick them up, and categorize them based on document type and year.

Can VMA identify missing or duplicate documents?

Yes, VMA can identify missing or duplicate documents once the data indexing is complete.

What kind of data can be extracted by VMA?

VMA can extract data from structured as well as unstructured data. The extracted data is hyperlinked into the exact position in documents for the underwriter’s review

How long does it take to configure and implement VMA? 

It takes two weeks to configure and implement VMA.

Can VMA integrate with LOS (e.g. Encompass)?

Yes, VMA is an official Encompass partner and can easily integrate with the LOS. VMA can also work with BlackKnight Empower, Calyx, and FICS or even custom LOS through open APIs.

What kind of documents does VMA accept?

VMA accepts pdfs, true pdfs, and tiffs.

Does VMA notify the Underwriter in case of exceptions?

VMA does have a confidence rating feature for ease of exception handling. So, the underwriter can review the documents in case of discrepancy or exception in a particular loan file to take the necessary steps.

How many weeks does a user need to get trained on VMA?

Zero. There is no training needed for the user to use VMA. It’s as simple as checking your email.

What is the cost of VMA?

VMA is a budget-friendly solution. It takes $10/loan for ADR and $15/loan for ADE. There are no hidden charges.

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