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Making income analysis easy

Identify, extract, and analyze income for W2 and self-employed borrowers with a click.

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Quickly determine the creditworthiness of the borrower 

Mortgage lenders need to assess the income of W2 & Self Employed borrower to mitigate risks, determine their capability to pay and keep a check on their own ROI. 

Vaultedge Income Analyzer (VIA) uses AI to automatically identify and evaluate income from various structured and unstructured data sources with minimal human intervention. VIA is compliant with Fannie Mae Form 1084 and Freddie Mac Form 91.

Saves time

VIA saves on average 2 to 4 hours of underwriter’s time per loan. Users can simply upload income-related documents and get pre-filled income analysis files in VIA. That means underwriters are free from doing laborious manual tasks.

33% Increased pull-through rate

Several customers give access to Vaultedge Income Analyzer to their Loan Officers. This allows Loan Officers to determine right upfront whether a borrower will qualify for a mortgage or not and what the borrower needs to do to qualify. This leads to a much-improved user experience for borrowers and on average a 33% increase in the pull-through rate.

Reduced risks

The risk of calculating incorrect and complicated income data from various sources manually reduces with VIA. The software extracts data from different documents like W2, 1099, paystubs, bank statements, and tax returns (1040, 1040 Sch C, 1065, 1120, the 1120S) automatically. 

Benefits of Vaultedge Income Analyzer

Miscalculation is the number one error that is made in underwriting. Even if the underwriter is an industry expert, there are chances of making an error in calculating complex income for different borrowers, manually. These kinds of mistakes are costly.Vaultedge Income Analyzer helps avoid such mistakes.
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Simplifies complex income analysis

VIA makes it easier to understand document-heavy complex income data for different kinds of borrowers within seconds. Mortgage lenders using VIA don’t need to refuse a business opportunity because the calculations are complicated and time-consuming.


Locates the source of truth

Vaultedge Income Analyzer is compliant with the GSEs. It follows all the required guidelines while assessing an income for W2 or self-employed borrowers. It leaves an audit trail behind, so in case of any discrepancy, the underwriter can easily locate the source of truth and make corrections without wasting time.


Easy integration

Vaultedge Income Analyzer integrates easily with leading LOS solutions like Encompass, BlackKnight, and others. It can also work independently without any integration. Once the document is retrieved from the LOS, VIA then starts analyzing beyond traditional pay slips and sends an alert to the LOS upon completion.



VIA costs just $10/loan for W2 and $20/loan for self-employed, with no hidden charges. There is no software to install or configure on your side, which means no other cost or effort on your side. You pay just for the number of loans you process, with no long-term lock-in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vaultedge Income Analyzer?

Vaultedge Income Analyzer (VIA) is an A software that analyzes income for W2 and self-employed borrowers from various sources- pay stubs, bank statements, 1099, W2, and tax returns (1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S).

Can VIA integrate with LOS (e.g. Encompass)?

Yes, VIA can integrate with Encompass, BlackKnight Empower, Calyx, and FICS or even custom LOS through open APIs.

Do the users have to manually fill in the income analysis file?

No, users will upload the relevant documents in the VIA and receive a pre-filled income analysis file.

Is VIA compliant with the Government-Sponsored Enterprises?

Yes, VIA is compliant with Fannie Mae Form 1084 and Freddie Mac Form 91.

Does Vaultedge provide a manual review of machine-calculated income?

Yes, Vaultedge offers 100% review (human-in-the-loop) of machine-calculated income.

Is VIA an on-premise product?

No, VIA is a SaaS product that requires no software installation on the customer end.

Can the VIA identify missing/duplicate documents from the same loan file?

Yes, the VIA can identify multiple copies of the same income document. It can also identify the missing documents from a package.

Does it notify the Underwriter in case of exceptions?

VIA does have a confidence rating feature for ease of exception handling. So, the user is informed about the discrepancy or exception in a particular loan file so he/she can take the necessary action.

How long does it take to configure and implement VIA? 

It takes two weeks to configure and implement VIA.

How many weeks does a user need to get trained on VIA?

Zero. There is no training needed for the user to use VIA. It’s as simple as checking your email.

What is the cost of VIA?

VIA is a budget-friendly solution. It takes $10/loan for W2 and $20/loan for self-employed. There are no hidden charges.

What clients say about us

" We used Vaultedge to automate the indexing of loan documents that we receive from all our lender partners, amounting to more than a million documents every month. This enabled us to move 70% of people from Document Recognition to other processes."
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Michael Kittyle

CIO, BSI Financial Services

" Vaultedge automatically indexes our Mortgage documents and extracts 300 data fields from them, enabling us to save 80% of Post Close Audit process time. Vaultedge is helping us improve our Time to Close and Cost to Close metrics."
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SVP, Record Services

Top Mortgage Servicer

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